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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Kit- Blah Blah Baby by A Taggers Scrap. Visit her blog here for info on where to get this awesome kit. It's fully pinks, purples, teals and loads of unique elements! Lots to do with it :)

Tube- I'm using the work of Celinart Pinup available at Scraps and the City here with a valid license

Plug Ins- EC4>gradient glow,>dots and cross,>jeans, MuraMeister>copies,
dsb flux>linear transmission

Font of choice-regular and pixel

Here we go :)

Open a new canvas 700x700

Activate your preset tool, circle, foreground null, background color or gradient of choice
convert to raster layer
selections>select all>float>defloat
selections>modify>select selection borders: both sides, width 3
add a new layer and flood fill with color or gradient of choice
Add noise of choice to border
eC4>gradient glow: fat, white, width 3
add a drop shadow

activate circle layer, selections>select all>float>defloat
c/p close up of tube as a new layer, place in selection
selections>invert, hit delete, deselect
activate your selection tool
make a box over half of the circle that will have the text
make sure your close up tube layer is highlighted and hit delete 
deselect, change blend mode to Luminance and opacity to 64>dots and cross, default settings

Using your pixel font (I use pixelmix, size 6) type your words

on your circle layer, select all>float>defloat
highlight text layer, selections>invert, delete, deselect
activate your selections tool and delete the text on the tube side of the circle
using the steps from above :)
change text opacity to 52

activate your preset tool, choose rectangle, line width 5
draw out a rectangle at the bottom of circle, slightly to the left
add noise of choice, I used 80%
EC4>gradient glow: width 3, black halo
repeat glow: width 3, fat, white
add drop shadow
duplicate, flip, reposition, merge those 2 layers

activate your magic wand tool, click inside each rectangle
selections>modify>expand by 3
add new raster layer below rectangle borders
flood fill with color or gradient of choice
while still selected, add various parts of tube in selections
hit delete on the tubes so they are sitting nice in the rectangles
deselect. merge all those tube layers together
On bottom tubes layer change blend mode to Hard light>jeans: amount 62, width 4
on top tubes layer add a gaussian blur of 2
 change blend mode to screen, opacity 76

Add main tube of choice, duplicate
on top layer, add a gaussian blur of 2
change blend mode to screen, opacity 66
drop shadow bottom tube layer

Almost forgot! Highlight the circle layer you first made
duplicate and apply DSB flux>linear transmission
I forgot to save or screen shoot my settings, so just play with it a bit!
Do both vertical and horizontal

Now I think we're ready to add some elements lol
I added:
flame 1- add noise, add glow
button 3- duplicate, reposition
splatter 4- duplicate, mirror
glitter stars
curly ribbon 1
glasses - rotate 15 degrees, add glow:

crop and resize your tag
sharpen and drop shadow elements
add license and copyrights
add name and any text
merge, save, enjoy :)

Thank you for trying my tut :) If you have any questions at all, or would like to show me your results (love seeing them!) please email me:


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