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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Scrapkit- "Sweet Spring" by Tammy's Scraps available at Twilight Scraps here. This is a fun, bright kit that can be used year round with mulitple tube choices!!

Tube of choice- I'm using Pin Up Toons, available for purchase at CDO. You must have a license to use this work. Don't use it without one!

Template of choice- I'm using template 63 available at Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts here. It's part of a pack of Easter templates. These ladies make amazing stuff, so be sure to look around!

Mask of choice- mask3 from Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts. Told you they had a lot of good stuff :) Visit them here.

Plug Ins- Eye Candy 4000 Bevel Boss & Gradient Glow; Xero>Porcelain

Font of choice- I used Scriptina, a FTU here

Here we go :)

Open template. Shift+D to duplicate. close out original.
delete credits layer, and word art layers

Highlight square 2.
Selections>select all>float>defloat
resize paper16. c/p onto canvas
hit delete on your keyboard. deselect
Delete original template layer

Repeat those steps with the remaining layers and papers of choice.
I used:
rect 2- paper 14
circle 4- paper 11
circle 3- paper 12- move layer to the left a bit
square 1- paper 15
circle 2- paper 9
circle 1- paper 6

Select the top circle layer.
Selections>select all>float>defloat
c/p close up of tube
hit delete on keyboard. deselect.
change blend mode to Luminance
lower opacity to around 60

I added a bevel boss to a few of the layers.
Reference my tag to see which ones.
I also added a fat, white gradient glow to all the layers
dropshadow each layer (0,0, 40, 10)

Add, resize, and dropshadow the following:
element 85
element 160- 80%
element 32- 20%
element 109- 45%
element 100- 75%
element 34- 40% then 80%, duplicate/reposition
element 15- duplicate/reposition
element 13- 30%, Image>mirror

Add tube of choice. Duplicate.
On duplicate layer:
Adjust>blur>gaussian blur 3
change blend mode to soft light
On original tube layer:
adjust to give your tube a soft glow
drop shadow bottom tube layer

Crop and resize if needed.
Add copyright, license info, and name
I applied EC4 glass, fat gradient glow and dropshadow to name

Merge, save, and enjoy!

Thanks for trying my tut. If you have any questions or would like to show me your results, please email me:


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