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Monday, February 28, 2011

Template- "Too cute to care" template from my friend Sarah's blog here. She has some great stuff there!
Tube- I used a bonus PinUp Toon tube from when CILM was open. You can find the artwork here now.
Scrap kit- "Love Whispers" a PTU kit from WickedPrincessScraps. Visit her blog here for info on purchasing this awesome kit.
Plug ins- EyeCandy 4000- gradient glow & glass 
Font- honeybunches

Open template, shift+D to duplicate, close out original, delete copyright layer, raster 7, and copy of raster 7
Resize to 600 wide-all layers checked. Resize canvas if you want more room to work with.
Highlight Raster 3. Selections>Select All>Float>Defloat. Copy/paste paper 7. Selections>invert. hit delete on your keyboard. Deselect and delete original layer
Repeat the above steps using PP7 for copy of raster 3, PP1 for raster 4
When you do raster 2, before you deselect, paste a close up of your tube in the selection and hit delete. 
Deselect, delete original layer.
On close up Adjust>sharpness>unsharp mask with these settings- radius: 43, strength: 25, clipping: 25, Luminance unchecked. Apply. Change blend mode to Luminance (L). Add a slight drop shadow.
On each of the layers I added a fat gradient glow (width 3) and a slight fuzzy drop shadow (0,0,50,10)
Add and place your elements, resizing and adding a drop shadow as you go
I used:
double heart arrow
shoesting heart bow
fancy glitter butterfly- rotate 20 degrees to the right, duplicate/resize, duplicate/resize/mirror
heart wreath frame- duplicate/mirror
Place main tube, duplicate. On the copy layer, Adjust>blur>gaussian blur, 3
change blend mode to Overlay, lower opacity to around 72. drop shadow original layer
Resize if needed
add copyright and lisence info
add name, apply glass and add gradient glow
save and you're done!
Hope you liked my tut, I'd love to see your results :)


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