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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Kit- "Emolicious Treat" by Gina's Gem Scraps. You can find this kit at Twilight Scraps here. This kit has over 200 elements and more than 20 papers. No need for another emo kit, this has everything!

Tube- I'm using the amazing work of Martin Abel. You can purchase it from CDO. I got this tube when he was at CILM. You must have a valid license to use this artwork.

Template-Template Trio 1 from Brutal Designs here. I just can't get enough of Erica's work! Make sure to follow her so you don't miss any of her new stuff :)

Font- Romance Fatal Serif, a FTU here

Plug Ins- EC4>glass, gradient glow, bevel & boss
Xero>fritillary, radiance>dots and crosses

here we go :)

Open your template, ctrl+d, close out original
Image>resize however large you want
Image>canvas size> 750x750 so you have room to work
flood fill background white

Working from the bottom up, replace each layer with papers from the kit.
to do this:
highlight layer, selections>select all>float>defloat
resize and c/p paper onto canvas
highlight paper layer
hit delete and deselect
delete original layer

I used:
lg blk circle- paper 3
lg pink circle- paper 28
blk rec top- paper 27
pink rec  bottom- paper 11
grey rounded rec top- paper 25
grey rec top- new raster layer, flood fill with color of choice, Xero>fritillary:

pink rec bottom- paper 25
blk rec bottom- paper 21
grey rounded rec bottom- new raster layer, flood fill color, fritillary same settings
grey rec bottom- paper 9
blk square left->dots and crosses, default settings
pink circle left- paper 6
blk square middle- paper 22
pink circle right- paper 6
blk square right- dots and crosses default settings

On each layer, add EC4>gradient glow- fat, white, width 3
I also applied:
EC4- bevel on some layers with these settings-

And then on blk square left & blk square right,
apply EC4>glass, settings of your choice

Add your main tube choice
Xero>radiance around 70..don't want her to look like an alien :)
add drop shadow

Now add elements to your tag..there's plenty to choose from!
Add drop shadows and sharpen as you go.
I used:
stars and gears glitter 1- duplicate/mirror
emo rock skull 3
sneaker 3
hearts and crossbones
Alpha beads 1
emo bunny 3
star and crossbones 1
bomb 1

crop and resize tag
add copyright and license info
add name and any text
merge, save, enjoy :)

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions, or would like me to post your results, please email me:


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