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Friday, July 6, 2012

Kit- Longing by Gimptastic Scraps. Visit her blog here for info on where you can find this stunning kit. 
Tube- I’m using the FTU artwork of Anna Ignatieva which you can find at
Template-Simone Template 112 here
Font- Mutlu or font of choice
Photoshop CS5 or progrom of choice
I’m on a Mac, so when I use Command you may need to use Ctrl
Here we go :)
Open your template. Image>Duplicate. Close out original. Delete credit layer. 
Floodfill bg layer with color of choice. I used #252525. 
Place paper1 on canvas above black layer. Using your Magic Wand Tool, click inside the boxes of the black layer. Hit Delete on the paper layer to remove the same selections. Delete black layer and lower opacity of paper layer to 40%. Keep boxes selected.
Place tube in selections on both sides. Select>Inverse, hit Delete on tube layers. Deselct and merge tube layers into one, and make sure they are below the paper layer.
Now Shift+Command+U to desaturate the tube layer. Command+J to create a duplicate. 
On top copy- Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur 2px. Change blend mode to Screen. 
Command+Click on the Pink Rectangle thumbnail in the layer box to create a selection around it.
Add Paper 8 above it. Select>Inverse, hit Delte on paper layer. Deselect and delete the pink rectangle layer.
Double click on paper 8 to bring up Layer Styles. Choose Stroke and give the layer a 2px White Stroke, Outside.
Add the Lace 1 element directly below paper 8, center on canvas.
Above paper 8, add the following from bottom to top. Duplicate and reposition each as shown in my tag example-
Flower 1
Bling 2
Add a soft drop shadow to each element. 
Now place tube int he center of canvas. Duplicate. Add same blur as before by hitting Command+F. Change Blend Mode to Screen, lower opacity to 45%. Drop Shadow bottom tube layer only. 
On the black frame layer- Filter>Noise>Add Noise: 25%, Gaussian, Monochromatic.
Add copyright info, and license if needed.
Add name and any additional text of choice.
Merge layers, save and enjoy!
Thank you for trying my tut :) If you have any quesitons or would like to show me your results, feel free to email me ( or contact me on facebook!


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