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Sunday, February 13, 2011
For my first'll be an easy one :)

Supplies needed: 
Tube of choice- I'm using the awesome work of Keith Garvey which you can find here. You must have a lisence to use his work..don't use it without one!
FTU kit from Wicked Princess Scraps "Paddy O'Malley" found here.
Mask 6 from Leah's PSP Hideaway found here
Font of choice: MA Sexy
Plug-ins: Xero Radiance, Eye Candy 4000- glass & gradient glow

Ok, here goes nothing!!

I like to start on a 600x600 canvas and resize later.
-Open circle frame- Image>resize by 75%
-Using magic wand, click inside frame
-copy & paste paper 4 as a new layer
-selections>invert, hit delete on your keyboard
-Move paper layer below frame, deselect
-Effects>texture>blinds with these settings:
Width 2, Opacity 36, color White, both boxes checked
-Copy & paste your tube of choice as the top layer and duplicate
-on the top layer, apply Xero-Radiance using default settings, but move the beauty to around 180. Change the blend mode to soft light. Merge down.
-Duplicate tube layer again, and move one of the layers below your frame
-using your eraser tool, erase the excess on bottom of both tube layers so it looks like she is coming out of the frame
-add dropshadow to bottom tube layer
-add elements of choice, adding drop shadows as you go. I chose:
rosejasminecluster resized 40%
doodle resized 80%
golden bow resized 50%
-highlight your bottom layer, copy & paste paper 15 as a new layer
-Layer>new mask layer>from image, find your mask and apply with "source luminance" selected
-Layers>merge>merge group
-use your raster deform tool and resize mask a bit
-crop and resize your tag if needed
-add © and your info- I like to add mine after I resize so it's still legible
-add your name, apply Eye Candy 4000 glass (play around with it to find a setting you like) and a fat gradient glow. 
-Save your tag :)

Hope you enjoyed my first ever tut! I'd love to see your results :)  

1 comment:

  1. Love the tut girl & your blog is the bomb! I am following now too. Posted the tut result (I know I spun off on my own but basis was your tut) in Siggy Showdown post you made.


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