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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scrap kit- Bunny Hop, a FTU kit you can download here
Mask- Mask 16 from Chas Designs here
Tube- I'm using the work of Suzanne Woolcott found here
Font- Lima Bean, a free font from Kevin and Amanda here

This will be an easy one! Reference my tag for placement.
Open, resize, and drop shadow the following elements:
e20- 30% then 40%
e40- 15% then 80%. duplicate and mirror
e77- 30% then 65%
e25- 15%
e19- 10%
e35- 20% then 60%
e28- 10% then 90%. duplicate, resize 75% and mirror
e21- 15%, mirror

highlight your frame layer.
Using magice wand, click in frame and expand by 5
Add a new layer. copy/past PP6 into selection
Move beneath frame

Resize PP10 20%
copy/paste as the bottom layer
Layers>New layer mask>from image
resize if needed

add name, copyright and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed my tut. email any questions and results to


  1. had so much fun doing this tutorial! thanks so much for making it. :D

  2. Hi Tasha!!! I've been sent a couple of times to your blog for tut challenges and I am sure enjoying them!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Very fun and easy to do!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment :) Nice to know they are enjoyed!!!


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