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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Template: from Brulicious designs. Get it here
Mask: Weescotslass mask #325. get it here
Tube: You'll want a tube with a close up. I'm using the ever so awesome work of Keith Garvey. You can find his stuff here. Do not use his work without a proper lisence!
Font: Eight Fifteen found here
Plugins:  Xero- radiance, dots and crosses & jeans, Eye Candy 4000- gradient glow

Let's get started :)

Open template, shift+D, delete original
Working from the bottom up:
Add a new layer, fill with a color or gradient that matches tube
Layers>new mask layer>from image. resize if needed

Top right circle layer- select/float/defloat
New layer- flood fill with gradient:
linear/ angle 45/ lines 3
add your close up tube
invert/delete/deselct. delete original layer
Xero>radiance at default settings
Duplicate tube, on copy layer- gaussian blur (2), change blend mode to screen. Opacity 34
on original tube layer change the blend mode to soft light.
Add fat gradient glow and drop shadow

Repeat the above steps with left bottom circle

Bottom small rectangle- select/float/defloat
New layer- flood fill with a color from your gradient
copy/past tube
invert/delete/deselct. delete original layer
Change blend mode to Luminance(L)
To rectangle and tube layer apply>dots and crosses with these settings:
amount- 72
cross distance- 10
cross width- 2
If you don't have this filter, you can do something similar with texture effects>weave
Add fat gradient glow and dropshadow

Repeat above steps with top small rectangle layer

Highlight Pink rectangle- select/float/defloat
New layer, floodfill
c/p full tube- mura meister copies>tiling (feedback)
You may have to play with tube size so it looks right
Invert/delete/deselect. delete original layer
on tube copies- xero>radiance default. duplicate
On original layer- Luminance(L), opacity 40
On copy layer- gaussian blur (3), overlay blend mode, opacity 54
Colorize gradien glitter rectangle to match tag. Add fat gradient glow and drop shadow.
Add main tube. duplicate. On copy layaer-gaussian blur (3)/hardlight/opacity 68
colorize "When we drink" wordart layer
highlight Slizzard wordart layer. select/float/defloat
new layer, floodfill
apply>jeans. Amount: 62, bandwitdth: 4
colorize Purple line through text layer
resize if needed
Add name, copyright and lisence info
save and your done :)

Hope you enjoyed the tut. Send any questions or results to


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