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Monday, October 24, 2011
I'll do the good news first..I just reached 100 followers!! Yaaaayyy!! And I didn't even have to offer anyone free tubes to do it ;p Thanks everyone who has decided to click that little button, it really does mean a lot to me :o) I'll be sure to get lots more freebies and FTU tuts up as my way of saying thank you!!!

Which brings me to my bad laptop has gone all wonky and won't keep a charge. I won't be able to get it looked at for at least 2 weeks, and that's where allll my PSP stuff is! Hubby doesn't want me to download anything to the desktop, so that means no new stuff until I get it fixed =/  Unless I start getting cold sweats from PSP withdrawls and take it in sooner, lol. But if I wait, then I can get it looked at for free, and I like that option better!! So you may just see a lot of random updates from me until I get it sorted!!


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