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Friday, November 11, 2011


GIMP, or program of choice
Kit- "Black Ice", which is a PTU kit by myself. Check the left side of my blog for where you can purchase  it. 
Tube- Bella by SkyScraps. This beautiful tube can be purchased from SATC with a valid license.
Mask- HorsePlay's Pasture Mask 27 here
Font - Snell Roundhand Medium, which I think came with the program

Here we go :)

Open a new canvas 700x700
Open as Layers Paper 13 or paper of choice
Open as Layers Mask
Right click paper 13 and click "Add Layer Mask"
Choose- Black (full transparency)
this will create a black square with your paper layer
Activate your mask layer, edit>copy
click that black square from earlier, edit>paste
anchor your floating layer
Hide or delete the original layer
I duplicated my masked paper layer a few times to make it darker. 

Open your frame6 layer
activate your fuzzy select tool
make sure "add to current selection" is chosen
click inside each window of the frame
select>grow by 5 pixels
open as layers your paper of choice
right click>add alpha channel to paper
hit delete on your keyboard
While still selected, open as layers close up of tube
position and hit delete
on tube layer change blend mode to Soft Light, opacity 70

Now decorate your tag with elements from the kit
I used:
feather-duplicate/flip horizontal/reposition
trees-duplicate/flip horizontal/reposition
black pearls
candle2-duplicate/flip horizontal/reposition
rose-duplicate/flip horizontal/reposition

Open as layers Tube right above your feathers
on top tube layer:
filters>blur>gaussian blur at 3
blend mode- soft light, opacity- 30
drop shadow the bottom tube layer

crop and scale your image
add copyright and license info
add name and any text
add drop shadows to elements
merge, save, enjoy :)

Thank you for trying my tutorial. If you have any questions or would liked to show me your results, feel free to email me:



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