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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Gimp, or program of choice
Kit- "Sweet as Candy" by Stef's Scrapkits, available at Lollipops N Gumdrops here
Tube- I'm using a gorgeous tube by Ellie_Milk available at PFD here
Mask- Sas Luv' Scrap Mask #11 here
Template- Template 9- Pinky here
Font of choice

Open your template
Replace template layers with papers from the kit.
To do this, activate template layer, right click: alpha to selection
add paper, right click, add alpha channel
Select>Invert, Edit>Clear (or hit delete on your keyboard)
Delete original layers as you go along. I used:
Raster 10- pap09
delete raster 9
Raster 6 & copy of raster 6- pap11
Raster 4 & 2- Filters>noise>RGB noise @ 50
Raster 1- pap04
Raster 7 & copy of raster 7- pap13
Copy (2) and (3) of raster 7- colorize to white
add drop shadow to layers
I used (0, 0, 10, 60)

Add tube of choice and drop shadow
Now decorate your tag with elements
add a drop shadow (ds) as you go along
from bottom to top I did:
ele43- ds
ele37- ds
ele29- ds
ele64- ds
ele11- ds
ele10- ds
ele02- ds

Open as layers pap13
open as layers your mask
right click pap13 and Add Layer Mask, Black
activate your mask layer, edit>copy
activate the black box with your paper layer, edit>paste
anchor selection
Add noise to mask layer

Now crop and resize your tag
add license and copyright info
ad name and any text
merge, save and enjoy!

Thank you for trying my tut!! If you have any questions or would like to show me your results, feel free to email me:



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