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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kit- The Irish in Me, a FTU kit here
Tube- I'm using a little cutie by Grafik which you can purchase at PicsForDesign here
Texture of choice- I used one by DarkTheocracy here
Animation of choice- I used LightBurst-clover by Lovey here
Font of choice
Program of choice- I used Photoshop CS5
(I use a Mac so when I say "Command" you may need to use "Ctrl")

Here we go :)

Hit Command+N to open a new image.
Set your banner dimensions- I do 600x200
Flood fill your canvas with a color or gradient of choice-
I did a Reflected gradient using 2 colors picked from my tube
Resize your texture and drag to your canvas- blend mode Soft Light
Add close up of tube to right side-
Blend mode Overlay, Opacity 50%
Add main tube of choice to center of canvas, duplicate
On duplicate- Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur- radius 2
Blend Mode Screen, Opacity 40%
Duplicate that copy- Blend Mode Hard Light, Opacity 40%
Add drop shadow to original tube- 
Opacity 40, Angle 120, Distance 6, Spread 2, Size 4

Add elements from kit to your tag (refer to my example for placement)
Resize (Command+T, click chain link in tool bar to keep proportions equal) and
drop shadow as needed
From bottom to top I used-
pot of gold
charm -(Command+J to duplicate,Edit>Transform> flip horizontal, reposition)
flower 1, flower 3, sticker 3- duplicate each numerous times and reposition along bottom

Command+A to Select All, Image>Crop
Now for the border-
add a new layer at the top, 
flood fill with gradient from earlier, tick "Reverse" this time to switch color placement
Select All, Select>Modify>Border- Width 6
Select>Inverse, hit delete. Deselect.
I duplicate the frame a few times to make it darker, then merge those layers together
Layer Styles>Stroke- Color White, Width 2, Position Outside

Add copyright and license info
Add name and any text of choice
If you aren't going to animate, you're done! 
Merge layers and save as PNG file :)

To animate:
Duplicate Frame layer 2 times for a total of 3 Frame layers
Filter>Noise>Add Noise- 20%, Gaussian, Monochromatic
Repeat on the other 2 frame layers
Hide your top 2 frame layers by clicking the eye next to them
Go back to your Pot of Gold layer. Duplicate this layer 2 times for a total of 3
 Press W to use your Magic Wand Tool, click in the rainbow until you have marching ants all around it
Repeat Noise filter from earlier. Repeat on the other 2 frames.
Hide the top 2 layers for these as well.
Open your clover animation, delete the credits layer
highlight all the layers and click Command+G to Group them
Drag Group above your Stitch 2 layer and position where you want
Open group and make sure all the frames in it are hidden except the bottom 
(frame 2 for this one)
Windows>Animation, your little box will pop up with your first frame already in it
If it's on Animation (timeline), then toggle it over to Animation (frames)
Since your first frame is already done, duplicate it
Hide the first layer in your clover animation and unhide the next one up
Hide the first Pot of Gold layer and unhide the next one
Hide the first Frame layer and unhide the next one
Duplicate your animation frame
Hide each of the above layers and unhide the next in the series
Keep going until you have used all the clover animation frames
For the Frame and Pot of Gold layers I did- bottom, middle, top, middle, bottom, etc
When you're done, save your tag by going to File>Save for Web & Devices
Make sure you have Looping set to Forever
Save as GIF and you're done :)

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