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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Kit- I'm using a very original and fun kit by Angel's Designz called "Emo Geek". This kit is available at Twilight Scraps here

Tube- I just love PFD, and am using another artist from them- Zlata_M. You must have a valid license to use this artwork.

Mask- I'm using Mask 4 by Leah over at Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts here

Font- Pasta Palazo, a FTU here

Plug Ins- Xero>Radiance, EC4>Gradient Glow & Bevel Boss

Here we go :)

Open a new canvas 650x650

C/p paper 7 onto canvas
layers>new mask layer>from image
apply mask, merge group

c/p wire element onto canvas
resize and duplicate
image>flip. image>mirror
Add a slight drop shadow to make them stand out more

c/p flames above wires
EC4>Bevel Boss at your preferred settings
add a slightly heavier drop shadow

c/p film strip onto canvas
adjust>add noise about 45%
EC4>gradient glow:
width-3, fat, white

Select your magic wand tool and click inside each frame on the film strip
selections>modify>expand by 3
c/p paper 8 under film strip
hit delete on keyboard
drop shadow film strip

c/p necklace as a new layer under paper 8
resize and drop shadow
c/p sparkles onto canvas, resize and move above film strip

c/p frame 2 onto canvas
select your magic wand tool and click inside both frames
selections>modify>expand by 5
c/p paper 11 under frame
hit delete on keyboard
c/p tube close up above paper 11
hit delete on keyboard
drop shadow frame

On tube layer:
default settings, but move beauty to 80
duplicate tube layer
on top layer- Screen, opacity 76
on bottom layer- Hard light, opacity 84
drop shadow bottom tube layer

Decorate your tag with any other elements.
I used:
skull 2- EC4>Bevel boss
bottle cap

crop and resize tag
add copyright and license info
add name and any text
merge, save, enjoy!

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions, or would like to show me your results, please email me:


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