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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Elements of choice- I used from a couple different PTU kits, so cannont supply these

Tube- You'll want several tubes by the same artist. I used the amazing work of The Hunter available at PTE. You must have a valid license to use this artwork

Template- My own, template 2 here

Font- WhoopAss here, EightFifteen here

Plug Ins- Xero>Radiance, Soft Mood, Porcelain;>jeans, dots and cross; EC4>gradient glow; MuraMeister>copies; UnPlugged Tools>Interlace

Here we go :)

Open the template. Ctrl+D, close out original. Delete the credits layer. Delete all 3 rectangle layers

Highlight circle layer
selections>select all>float>defloat
add a new raster layer
flood fill with color or gradient of choice
c/p tube of choice onto canvas
MuraMeister>copies: wallpaper(rotate)
I used the default settings, apply
make sure tube layer is selected
hit delete on keyboard
delete original layer

On tube layer apply Xero>Radiance:
128, 50, 128, 185
Then apply>dots and cross:
72, 10, 2
change blend mode to Luminance
lower opacity to around 72

Highlight circle frame layer
Use your manual color correction tool and change to color of choice
add noise @ 100%, Uniform, Monochrome checked
add drop shadow

Merge your three square layers together
Highlight the new merged layer
selections>select all>float>defloat
selections>modify>select selection borders:
Inside/Outside, 4
add new raster layer
flood fill with color of choice
add same noise as before
add a fat, white gradient glow, width 3
add drop shadow

Highlight your merged square layers again
selections>select all>float>defloat
add new raster layer, flood fill with gradient
 UnPlugged Tools>Interlace: 1, 127, 1, 0
add tube of choice inside selection
hit delete on your keyboard
delete original layer

On the tube layer, duplicate it
on top layer:
add a gaussian blur of 2,
change blend mode to Screen
lower opacity to 58
On bottom layer:
change blend mode to Luminance (L)
lower opacity to 80

Add main tube of choice
70, 76, 137, 0, 0, 0
Duplicate tube layer twice
On middle layer:
Adjust>gaussian blur of 2
change blend mode to screen, opacity 54
On top layer:
Adjust>gaussian blur 2
change blend mode to hard light, opacity 30

Now for the words! I'll try to make this make sense, lol
Choose your WhoopAss font and type what you want
I used my raster deform tool to stretch it out, but try to keep it in proportion
convert to raster layer, and rename "back"
selections>select all>float>defloat
selections>modify>select selection borders
inside/outside, width 4
add new raster layer, flood fill with color of choice
deselect and move below the "back" layer
add a fat, white gradient glow, width 3

Now open one of your tubes, and using your clone tool, right click
on the part of the tube you want showing in the letters
Back to your canvas, add a new raster layer, and still using your clone tool
"paint" the tube on your blank raster layer, where you want it to show up
Repeat that with the rest of the tubes and letters,
a new raster layer on your canvas for each tube
Once you have that all done, merge all the cloned tube layers together
Select you "back" layer
selections>select all>float>defloat
highlight the merged tube layers
hit delete on your keyboard

Duplicate your tube layer
On the bottom layer:
Xero>soft mood:
7, 50, 50, 50, 9, 0
On the top layer:
change blend mode to screen, opacity 80>jeans: 62, 4

Add any additional elements and text of your choice
Add drop shadows if you want

crop and resize your tag
add copyright and license info
merge, save, enjoy!

Thank you for trying my tut! If you have any questions, or would like to show me your results, please email me:


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