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Friday, April 6, 2012

Kit: Juicy Snapshot by Designs by Sarah. You can find this fun kit at SATC
Tube: You'll want 3 tubes from the same artist. I used Jose Cano, and these can be purchased from PTE with a valid license. 
Font: Grado Gradoo or font of choice
Photoshop CS5 or program of choice

Here we go :)

Open a new canvas 700x700
Open Frame 2 in center of canvas
Using your magic wand tool (w), click inside each section of the frame
Select>Modify>Expand by 5 pixels
Drag paper of choice (I used paper 1) as a new layer under the frame
Select>Inverse, hit delete on paper layer. Deselect.
Drag close ups of one of your tubes as a new layer under the frame, position so the eyes (or whatever part you want) are inside the top section of the frame.
Using your magic wand tool, click inside just the top section of frame.
Expand your selection by 5 pixels, inverse it, and hit delete on close up tube layer.
Deselect, change close ups blend mode to Hard Light, Opacity 20%
Drop shadow frame layer.

Now decorate your tag with elements from the kit. Use my tag for placement if needed.
 Resize, angle and drops shadow as needed.
Swirl 1
Kiss 2
Bow 2
Lolli 1
Lolli 2
Brad 1
Brad 2
Bow 1
Chocolate 2
Camera 1

Duplicate your Camera layer
On the copy, Filter>Render>Lens Flare with these settings, or whatever you like:
Rename the camera layer with the flash Camera 1, and the one without..Camera 2

Add one of your tubes as a new layer under the frame, and position in the bottom right section of your frame. Add any effects you like. 
I duplicated it, changed the top copy Blend Mode to Screen, Opacity 75%. Rename this layer (and any duplicates of it) Tube 1. Hide it for now by clicking the little eye in the layer palette window.
Add your other 2 tubes like you did the one above. Rename them Tube 2 and Tube 3.
Using your magic wand tool, click inside that section of your frame. 
Expand and inverse selection like before. Now on each tube layer you have in there, hit Delete. 
You may need to unhide them for the Delete to work.

Add main tube of choice and add a drop shadow. 

Now crop, trim and resize you tag.
Add license and copyright info.
Add name and any additional text. 

To animate:
Hide Camera 2, Tube 2, and Tube 3 layers.
You'll see your first frame already done in the animation window.
Duplicate the frame (little button to the left of the trash can in the animation window)
Hide Camera 1, Unhide Camera 2. 
Duplicate the frame
Hide Camera 2, Unhide Camera 1. Hide Tube 1, Unhide Tube 2
Duplicate the frame
Hide Camera 1, Unhide Camera 2
...and so on
So you'll have-
Frame 1- Flash, tube 1
Frame 2- No flash, tube 1
Frame 3-Flash, tube 2
Frame 4- No flash, tube 2
Frame 5- Flash, tube 3
Frame 6- No flash, tube 3
Change your delay time to whatever you like..I used 0.35 seconds
You can choose your own simply by clicking "Other"
Press the play button to view your animation. Once happy with it
File>Save for Web & Devices, save as a GIF file
Done :)

Thank you for trying my tut!! If you have any questions or would like to show me your results (I love seeing them!!), feel free to email me- 


  1. Hello Tasha,
    Love the tut, thanks for share
    I love too, the font used in your page or blog
    what is this, please
    thanks in advance..
    Iam subscribe too.
    have great day

    1. Thank you :)
      The font she used for the header is called Elise and you can find it here:

      Have a good day!!


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