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Sunday, April 1, 2012
Kit- Coffee, Tea or Me? a cute PTU kit from Nette's Nightowl Works. This kit is available for purchase at Lollipops N Gumdrops here
Tube- I'm using 3 PinUpToons, which you can purchase at CDO with a valid license. You can use just one tube if you like :)
Mask- MB and SW Mask 29 here
Template- Temp91 by Leah here
Font- Smiley Monster or font of choice
Photoshop CS5 or program of choice
I'm on a Mac, so when I use Command, you may need to use Ctrl

Here we go :)

Open your template. Image>Duplicate. Close out original. 
Increase canvas size to 700x700. Delete the credit layer. 
Replace each template layer with papers for your kit. To do this-
 Command+Click each layer icon in the Layer Palette box-this will make a selection around the shape.
Drag paper of choice as a new layer above template layer.
Select>Inverse. On paper layer hit Delete. Deselect. Delete original template layer. 
For each layer I used:
oval 3- paper 11
oval 1- paper 6
burst- paper 3
rect 2&3- create new layers and flood fill with color/gradient of choice
rect 1- paper 5
squares- paper 3
filmstrip- paper 11- add noise 20%

Command+Click the left rectangle layer. Drag a close up of one of your tubes as a new layer above it.
Select>Inverse. Hit delete on the tube layer. Deselect. Change blend mode to Luminosity.
Duplicate layer, change that blend mode to Hard Light. 
Repeat above steps with your next tube close up on the right rectangle layer. 
Now add your main tube of choice to the center of the template, as the top most layer.
I like to add a soft glow to my tubes, so if you want to- 
Duplicate tube layer. On copy go to Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur- 2px radius
Blend mode Overlay, Opacity 55%. Play with the settings for your tube choice!
On the 3 rectangle layers, and the film strip layer, I also added a 2px white stroke to make them stand out.
You can find this in your Layer Styles window by double clicking on the layer.

Now, above the filmstrip layer, we are going to add some elements from the kit.
Refer to my tag for placement if you like. 
From bottom to top I used:
choco cupcake
cupcake 2
kitty teacup
love snail
cupcake 1
swap work- add 2px white stroke

Now let's get our mask ready! Open your mask on a new canvas.
Drag your paper of choice to it as a new layer. 
Make sure your mask layer is activated and Command+A to Select All, Command+C to Copy
Activate the paper layer, hit Q to turn on Quick Mask mode
Command+V to paste the should now be tinted red
Hit Q to turn off Quick Mask mode and there should now be marching ants showing the mask outline
Hit the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the layer palette (rectangle  with the circle in it)
Right click- convert to smart object
Right click- Rasterize layer
Drag completed mask to your tag canvas as the bottom layer

Crop and resize your tag. Add drop shadows where needed.
Add license and copyright info, and any names/text.
Merge, save as PNG, enjoy!

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions or would like to show me your results, feel free to email me-


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