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Thursday, April 19, 2012
Tube- Sweet Cherry by Robert Alvarado which you can purchase at PTE with a valid license.
Template- Temp125 by Leah here
Fonts- Lithos Pro, PP Hip 20s, Milk&Cereal
Photoshop CS5 or program of choice
I use a Mac, so when I use Command you may need to use Ctrl

Here we go :)

Open template. Image>Duplicate. Close out original. 
Delete credits and circles layer. 
Increase canvas size to 650x500 so you have room to work.
Command+Click on the BG layer to select it.
Add a new layer above it and flood fill with color or gradient of choice.
I used a reflected gradient with these settings (red color is #a80001):

Rename this layer "Background".
Command+J to duplicate this layer. On the copy layer-
Filter>Sketch>Reticulation with these settings:
Change blend mode to Soft Light.
Alternatively, you could use a texture instead of applying this filter :)
Delete BG layer. 
Add close ups of your tube in various places on canvas.
Once happy with placement, merge those tube layers together. 
Command+Click on your Background layer to select it.
Select>Inverse. With merged tube layer active, hit delete on keyboard. Deselect. 
Change blend mode on tubes to soft light, or whatever you choose. 
Now using your Rectangle Marquee tool (m), draw out rectangles from top to bottom along
your banner. No particular pattern, just where you want them.
Make sure you have Add Selection toggled so you can make more than one rectangle.
You're canvas should look something like this, depending on where you draw your rectangles:

Now hit Command+J to duplicate. You will notice that the areas you selected have been 
promoted to their own layer! Change that layer's blend mode to Screen. Deselect.
Above Line 3, choose Lithos Pro font and write out your text of choice.
Add a small drop shadow to Line 1, 2 and 3 and Black Border-
Opacity 50, Angle 130, Distance 1, Spread 0, Size 1.
On white border Filters>Noise>Add Noise:
25%, gaussian, monochromatic checked.
Now with your Red Hot font, type out your font of choice in the left corner.
Open layer styles and add a bevel with these settings:
Before you close out Layer Styles, also add a 2px White Stroke and a drop shadow.
Add your main tube and duplicate it.
On copy layer, Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur 2px
Change blend mode to Screen, Opacity 35%
Add a drop shadow to bottom tube.
Crop your canvas to get rid of any excess stuff along the edges.
Go to Image>Trim>Transparent Pixels to get rid of all the extra space.
Add copyright and license info.
Add name and any additional choice.
Merge, save as PNG, enjoy :)

Thank you for trying my tut! If you have any questions or would like to show me your results, feel free to email me: 


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