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Monday, May 30, 2011


Tube of choice- You'll want a tube with close up. I chose Keith Garvey. You can find him at PTE. You must have a valid license to use this artwork.

Font- FFF Urban, Impact, First Lyrics

Plug Ins- Xero>radiance, Eye Candy Nature>Fire

Animation Shop

Here we go :)

Open a new canvas 650x250

c/p your close up onto canvas
Mura Meister Copies>wallpaper
adjust settings to your preference
duplicate. Image>mirror
change blend mode ot hard light. merge visible layers

adjust>blur>motion blur:
angle 90, strength 100%
duplicate layer

On bottom layer:
Effects>art media effects>brush strokes:

On the top layer:
Effects>Edge effects>enhance more
change blend mode to screen
opacity around 86

c/p close up of tube onto canvas
duplicate and arrange to your preference
merge tube layers. duplicate
On bottom merged layer:
change blend mode to burn
opacity to 40
On duplicate merged layer:
change blend mode to hard light
opacity to 38

add main tube to canvas
resize if needed
xero>radiance. default settings, but lower beauty to around 100
duplicate main tube layer
On duplicate:
adjust>blur>gaussian blur 3
change blend mode to screen, opacity 68
drop shadow original tube layer

select your rectangle tool.
foreground color X'd out, background color white
create a rectangle near middle of canvas
lower opacity to around 40
add text of choice. add drop shadow (1, 1, 75, 5)

Now repeat those words with your Impact font
stretch words across canvas
Objects>align center
convert to raster layer
change blend mode to overlay
opacity at 68. add drop shadow (1, 1, 35, 10)

 Now for the frame :)
Highlight your background layer
selections>select all>float>defloat
selections>modify>select selection borders:
Inside, 6, anti-alias checked
add new layer, flood fill with black, move to top
selections>modify>contract by 2
add new layer. Flood fill with color of choice
Adjust>add noise:
Uniform, 65%, monochrome

Highlight the black frame layer.
add drop shadow (2, 2, 40, 3) (-2, -2, 40, 3)

Now, highlight your top merged tube layer
Add 3 new raster layers, transparency locked
Highlight first layer
Eye Candy Nature>fire:

Highlight your second new layer.
Eye Candy 5 nature, same settings, but hit the Random Seed button
Repeat with the remaining new layer
Rename your layers (flame 1, 2 and 3)

Add your copyright and license info
add name and any additional text

If you aren't going to animate, merge and save now :)

For animation:

X out flame layers 2 and 3,
 leave flame layer 1 open
Edit>copy merged
Open AS
Paste as new animation

Back to PSP
X out flame layer 1
unhide flame layer 2
Edit>copy merged
back to AS
paste after current frame

Back to PSP
X out flame layer 2
unhide flame layer 3
Edit>copy merged
back to AS
paste after current frame

In AS-
Edit>select all
Animation>frame properties
change the 10 to 13
View animation. If you're happy with it, save as gif

For the avi:
Duplicate your banner
hide whatever layers you don't want on your avi
rearrange banner if needed
using your crop tool, crop a 150x150 section of banner
repeat same steps for frame except set selection borders to 4
and contract by 1
once you have your avi how you want it,
add license and copyright info
merge and save

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions or would like me to post your results, please email me:


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