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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kit of choice- I'm using a beautiful kit by Shani at Wicked Princess Scraps. Once again, this is a stunning kit wit all different's absolutely gorgeous! You can visit her blog here for info on where to purchase this kit.

Tube of choice- I'm using a PinUp Toon available at CDO. You must have a valid license to use this artwork!

Mask of choice- WSL_Mask28 available here

Font of choice- Rhino Dino, a FTU font here

Here we go :)

open a new image 750x750

c/p pp11 onto canvas
layers>new mask layer>from image
apply mask, merge group

add a new layer above your mask
use your picture tube tool, set on lawn
Scale:70, Step: 95, placement-continuous, selection-random
create a lawn at the bottom of your mask layer
If you mess up, just hit undo and try again until you get it how you want

c/p double wood frame onto canvas
using your magic wand tool, click inside each frame
selections>modify>expand by 5
c/p paper of choice under frame
I used pp15
hit delete on your keyboard

c/p close up of tube above paper layer
position under left side of frame
hit delete on your keyboard
mirror close up image, c/p onto canvas
position under right side of frame
hit delete on your keyboard

Add dropshadow to your tube layers
change blend mode burn or whatever looks best for your tube

Now decorate your tag with elements
I used:
pink spray
double flower
single rose
triple baskets

Now add your main tube choice
position so it appears she's standing on the bridge
add drop shadow

crop and resize your tag
add copyright and license info
add name and any text you choose

merge, save and enjoy :)

Thank you for trying my out my tut! If you have any questions, or would like to show me your results, please email me:


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