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Monday, February 6, 2012

Kit- Amore by Bibi's Collections. You can get this cute kit from SATC here
Tube- I'm using an Exclusive Club tube by Lady Mishka. You can find more of her work at PFD
Texture- I used #18 from here
Animation- SimoneAni72 here
Font- Scriptina, a FTU font here
PS CS5 or program of choice 
(I use a Mac, so when I say "command" you may need to use the "Ctrl" key)

Open a new canvas for a banner- I prefer 600x200
Flood fill with color or gradient of choice- I used the eye dropper tool and picked one from my tube
Open your texture and reduce the image size to the width of your banner
Drag the texture to your banner and place above your flood filled layer
Change blend mode to Screen, opacity 60%
Duplicate Texture layer (command+J)
Edit>transform>flip horizontal
Change blend mode to Hard Light, keep opacity the same

Now place your tube of choice in the center of the banner. A close up works best :)
I duplicated her 2 times for a total of 3 layers:
The bottom layer I drop shadowed
The middle layer- blend mode Soft Light
The top layer- blend mode Screen, opacity 70%

Now use elements from the kit and place them behind all those tube layers
Duplicate, rotate, resize and drop shadow as needed. 
I used:

Highlight your background layer, Image>Trim>Top Left Pixel Color
That will get rid of ant extra bits of drop shadow/elements outside the banner

Choose 2 colors for your foreground and background
Command+A on your bottom layer
Add a new layer and move to the top of palette 
flood fill with foreground color
Select>Modify>Border- 2 pixels
Select>Inverse, hit delete
Add new layer under that and flood fill with 2nd color of choice (hit X on your keyboard to toggle colors)
Select>Modify>Contract- 1 pixel
hit delete 
Add a new layer and flood fill with first color choice
Select>Modify>Contract- 2 pixels
hit delete, Deselect
I refilled each layer with color to make them stand out more, and added noise to the middle layer

Add your license and copyright info to tag
add name and any text
If you aren't going to animate, save now as PNG

To animate:
Open your animation and Group Layers if they aren't already:
Select>All Layers (alt+command+A)
Layer>Group Layers (command+G)
Drag the group over to your banner..I put mine under my tube and above a few elements
Open your group and Hide all the frames except Frame 1 (click the little eye next to them)
Open your Animation Window (Window>Animation)
If needed, Convert to frame animation
-you can do this by clicking the little button in the bottom right of the 
animation window that has 3 horizontal squares on it-
You should already have your first animation frame there for you. 
Duplicate Selected Frame (the button on the animation window next to the trash can)
In your layer palette, hide Frame 1 and unhide Frame 2
Duplicate Selected Frame
In layer palette, hide Frame 2 and unhide Frame 3
Continue this process until you have all the animation frames done
I set my time delay to 0.1 seconds. View your animation and if you're happy, save :)
File>Save for Web and Devices
Make sure you save as a GIF file

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions or would like to show me your results, feel free to email me: 

1 comment:

  1. Great tut, I have wanted to do ani in PS for ages...thanks so much


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