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Friday, May 20, 2011


Scrapkit- "Red Riding Hood" by Rieka Rafita which is available at Twilight Scraps here

Tube- I'm using a tube by Tony Tzanoukakis which is available at PTE. You must have a valid license to use this artwork!

Mask- gemsmask187 which you can get from Gems Taggin Scraps here

Font of choice- I used bauserif, a FTU font here

An dark woods image of choice from

Plug Ins- Xero>porcelain, Xero>radiance

Animation Shop

Here we go :)

Open a new image 700x700
flood fill with white

Open wolf1 and place on left side of canvas
duplicate and mirror
Open wolf2 and place in the middle of both wolf1 images
Merge all 3 wolf layers together

Select your magic wand tool
tolerance 20, feather 25
highlight your merged layer
click anywhere outside the wolves
hit delete on your keyboard a few times
your wolves should now have a feathered edge

c/p paper 5 onto canvas under wolf layer
merge those 2 layers
layers>new mask layer>from image
apply mask, merge group

c/p frame 1 onto canvas
select your magic wand tool
tolerance 20, feather 0
click inside frame
c/p dark woods image under frame (or paper of choice)
hit delete on your keyboard, deselect

Place tube of choice above frame layer
on bottom tube layer apply xero>porcelain
all channels on 0
on top tube layer apply xero>radiance
adjust>blur>gaussian blur 3
change blend mode to soft light
dropshadow the bottom tube layer
(5, 5, 65, 10)

decorate your tag with some elements
I used:
heart splatter
cottage plant9 duplicate/mirror
apple- duplicate/mirror
add dropshadows
(0, 0, 70, 10)

crop tag and resize if needed
add copyright and license info
add name and any text

If you aren't going to animate,
go ahead delete your white background
and merge and save your tag :)

If you are going to animate....
highlight your masked wolf layer
Using your freehand selection tool,
draw an outline around the wolves eyes
Zoom in if you need to!

Once done, promote selection to layer
change the blend mode on promoted layer to soft light

X out the promoted layer
Edit>copy merged
over to Animation Shop
Paste As New Animation

Back to PSP-unhide the promoted layer
*leave all other layers visible*
Edit>copy merged
over to Animation Shop
Paste After Current Frame

Highlight Frame 1
Effects>Image transition
Fade effect
length- 0.7 seconds
Animation frame to animation frame
this should give you 9 frames

Edit>select all
Edit>paste after current frame
Animation>reverse frames
(don't click anywhere else while doing these steps)

Now view your animation
If it's how you want it, save as a .GIF file
and you're done!!

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions, or would like to show me your results, please email me:


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