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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Kit- "Heather" by Passion4Digiscraps at Lollipops N Gumdrops here
Tube- Zebrush at Pics For Design here
Mask-Mask1 by Leah here
Font- Redressed, a FTU font here
Plug Ins- Mura Meister>Copies, Xenofex>Constellation
Animation Shop

Here we go :)

Open a new canvas 700x700
C/p paper or flood fill with gradient of choice
layers>new mask layer>from image
apply mask, merge group

c/p big flower 2 onto canvas as a new layer, resize 35%
c/p ball onto canvas, resize 15%, duplicate and mirror
c/p brad2, resize 20%. apply mura meister>copies:

c/p brad1 as a new layer under brad 2 circle, resize 25%
apply mura meister>copies, same settings

add rose2, resize 20%, then resize another 75%
dupicate and mirror
Add rose1 and place in the middle of the other 2 roses
resize 20% then 65%

add bow1, resize 15%, place on frame
duplicate, mirror

c/p sparkle1, resize 50%,duplicate and reposition a few times
add main tube choice
sharpen and drop shadow your elements and tube

crop and resize tag if needed
add license and copyright info
add name and any text
If you aren't going to animate, save as a PNG file

To animate:
highlight your brad1 layer
apply xenofex>constellation with these settings (random seed number doesn't matter):

Now edit>copy merged
Over to animation shop, paste as a new animation
Head back over to PSP, edit>undo
Now reapply Constellation, but hit the Random Seed button
back over to AS, paste after current frame
Back on over to PSP, edit>undo
apply Constellation one more time, make sure to hit Random Seed first
Paste after current frame in AS
Save as a GIF file

Thank you for trying my tut. If you have any questions or would like to show me your results, please feel free to email me:


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